‘PRINTS: From Painted Cloth to Printed Textiles’

Switzerland 16-19 May 2024

The theme of the 2024 ICOM Costume Committee Annual Conference is ‘PRINTS: From Painted Cloth to Printed Textiles’, and aims to explore techniques, dyes, design patterns in clothing culture throughout time and geographical zones. Switzerland became a place for the manufacture and the trade of printed textiles since the mid-seventeenth century after the Huguenots were banished from France and Industries related to the production of printed fabrics experienced rapid growth throughout the entire 19th century. To this day, Switzerland produces high-quality printed fabrics, and Swiss museums house valuable collections of printed fabrics.
In contemporary fashion printing techniques are widely used and are the most popular way of decorating clothing fabrics. This year’s conference will be dedicated to the history and contemporary relevance of prints in fashion. We would like to focus attention on both the beauty of vintage prints and their modern applications. Today’s fashion is difficult to imagine without the possibility of printing. The simplicity of design process and low cost of this decorating technique compared to weaving techniques allow printed fabric patterns to be created in both large enterprises and small businesses.
Papers on the following topics will be particularly welcomed, but submission is open to any research topics reflecting PRINTS throughout history in conjunction with the development of new technologies, the influence of art movements, social or political events and changing taste:

• The sources for researching the history of prints: pattern books, fabric samples, scrapbooks, photos, paintings etc.
• Asian printed textiles and European fascination with them
• Production centres and international trading companies
• Printing techniques and innovations throughout he ages
• Prints in folk costume and high fashion in the 19th cent
• Prints in oeuvre of 20th and 21th century fashion designers
• Development of abstract and figurative print patterns
• Fashion prints as a carrier of ideological, religious and social content
• The impact of the development of digital printing on contemporary fashion
• Future of fashion prints

Presentations should be around 15 minutes in length and preferably delivered in English (but any other official language of ICOM (French and Spanish) is accepted). As there will be no translation, please make sure that your presentation will be easy to follow for an international audience.
Abstracts of approximately 300 words should be submitted by 20th March 2024 to chair.costume@icom.museum and should contain the following information:

• Name
• Affiliation (with ICOM membership number for ICOM members)
• Email address
• Title and body of abstract
• Any special technological requirements (for example a Mac or PC for accompanying images, video)

Both the abstracts and the presentations will be in English or in any other official language of ICOM, French and Spanish.
Acceptance of papers will be notified by 10th April 2024.
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