Annual Meeting in Edinburgh Travel Grants.

Travel Grants Annual Meeting 2023 and Conference “ALL THE COLOURS OF BLACK” 

National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh (25-28th September 2023)


Please do check first with your ICOM National Committee for a travel grant to attend the annual conference of your international committee.

Young members please check ICOM International for travel grant applications especially dedicated to young ICOM members.

Other sources of travel funding may be offered in support of your home institution.

A limited amount of travel grants can be offered every year for Costume Committee members to attend the annual Meeting & Conference. This can only come in complement of other sources of travel funding.

In addition, ICOM members from countries categories 3 and 4 will have a reduced conference fee. (See table for ICOM classification per categories of countries on ICOM main website)

The deadline for applications is June 2023 to:

To be eligible for a travel grant applicants must:

1. Be a member of the Costume Committee in good standing (include ICOM number with letter of application) and work in a museum.

2. Provide a short biography including a research/project connected with the annual theme.

3. Write an essay of at least 150 words (300 words maximum) explaining why she/he wants to attend the Annual Meeting; explain other funding sources received.

4. Write a brief report on the experience of attending the meeting for the Newsletter.

5. Report to colleagues at home about the experience of attending the meeting with a copy to the Costume Committee Secretary.