Project Memories aims to reconstruct the history of and organize the memory of ICOM International Committee for Museums and Collections of Costume, Fashion, Textiles/ ICOM COSTUME, by collecting and organizing official documents, photographs, videos of past meetings and participants’ reports.

In this manner, we intend to complete information that already exists in ICOM’s databases and those on COSTUME’s website, adding a tab for photos and personal narratives.

With the help of ICOM’s Publications and Documentation Department, non-digital documents about ICOM COSTUME in the ICOM Secretariat’s archive will be identifiable and made available in an annotated list.

Recovering ICOM COSTUME’s history and organizing its documentation will not only contribute to a better understanding of the dynamic, objectives and topics discussed in these meetings, but also to celebrating the international committee’s memory, as well as paying tribute to those who have taken part in ICOM COSTUME’s achievements.

Maria Cristina Volpi, member of the board, is leading this project for ICOM Costume committee. The outcome of ‘Memories/Mémoires/Memorias’  is expected to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of ICOM Costume committee at ICOM Triennial 2022 in Prague.

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image caption:  Boro-Bride By Nanna, Photo credit: Merve Nur Suermeli.

Boro Bride by Nanna