Folk Costume Heritage From Ukraine, about the project


The selected pieces of clothing from Ukrainian folk culture presented here reflect the creativity, the excellence and the richness of the culture at the Eastern border of Continental Europe. Work done by curators, ethnographers, photographers and painters to collect, save and document these items since the end of the 19th century is giving tribute to Folk Dress Heritage.





Project leader: Corinne Thépaut-Cabasset, château de Versailles, Chair of the International Committee ICOM Costume for the museums and collections of Costume, Fashion and Textiles
Project developer: Romane Jamet Roudenko-Bertin
Project contributors and institutions partners:
Marie-Charlotte, Calafat, Curator at MUCEM Marseille (France)
Joanna Regina Kowalska, Curator at National Museum in Kraków (Poland)
Mónika Lackner, Curator, Néprajzi Múzeum/Museum of Ethnography Budapest (Hungary)
Sarah Fee, Curator at the Royal Ontario Museum Toronto (Canada)
Stefan Žarić, fashion historian, Kula (Serbia)