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April 28, 2021

Lecture “Behind The Seams” , by Dr. Ingrid Mida, on April 29 at 8 pm.  Conference

DRESS.CODE. applies the principles of object-oriented research. By reading and analysing form, fabric, folds, stains, and labels, we can bring inanimate objects to life and reconstruct a biography for both object and owner. Dr. Ingrid E. Mida is a Canadian art and fashion historian and author of “The Dress Detective”, which inspired the exhibition DRESS.CODE. During this session, Ingrid Mida will give an introduction on the principles of object-oriented research and slow looking, in order to discover, together with you, some hidden stories behind two damaged nineteenth-century bodies, a sparkling Charleston dress and two fabulous Balmain dresses.

Fashion Museum Hasselt and Dr. Ingrid Mida are glad to invite you to the exclusive live-streamed lecture  

“Behind The Seams”  on April 29 at 8 pm. (GMT +2)


The lecture is in line with the theme of our current exhibition DRESS.CODE.


  • language: English
  • duration: 40 minutes
  • fee: for free
  • registration isnecessary

Registration link: