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October 2, 2023

EFHA International Conference 2023 ‘FUTURE HERITAGE’ – Registrations are OPEN Conference

The semantic fields of the words ‘Heritage’ and ‘Future’ are often at the antipodes: one deals with the past and its resilience, at times its immobility, and the necessity to crystallise it into material and immaterial memories that fight time passing; the other entails projections and possibilities, something we might imagine and shape, and progress. The first evokes stillness, the other stands for constant movement. But what happens when we bring them together and reflect on how these two words – and the concepts, actions and objects they represent – can be connected in the different practices related to culture?

Organised in collaboration with Centraal Museum Utrecht, The EFHA2023 conference Future Heritage will look at new technologies and how these are being used to make fashion heritage future-proof.

Join us at Centraal Museum in Utrecht on 27-28 November 2023.

Registration is now open – secure your early bird ticket now HERE

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