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June 16, 2021

Clothing the Pandemic, Workshop Part I Conference

June 23 & 24. Register now !

Clothing the Pandemic’ Workshop aims to offer a place for sharing experience and knowledge. It will help to connect people and institutions (international curators and conservators, historians, museums, and the global public) at a time when we are all physically distant from one another.

The workshop is seeking to understand how to document the Material Culture of the Pandemic; to develop Strategies and to face Challenges.

It will unfold in 2 parts: Part I “Collecting, Researching, Documenting, Displaying” in Spring 2021, Part II “Conservation, Preservation” in Fall 2021.

Free online events upon registration only.

Workshop Part I Panelists :

  • Corinne Thépaut-Cabasset,
  • Ralf Čeplak,
  • Serena Newmark,
  • Sarah Rothwell,
  • Anna Talley,
  • Fleur Elkerton,
  • Blanca Cárdenas,
  • Aude Fanlo,
  • Simon le Roulley,
  • Elka Weinstein,
  • Sascha Priewe,
  • Patricia Deadman
  • Anne Ewen.

Introduced and moderated by ICME and ICOM Canada

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Image caption: Hidden Van der Helst III, based on a Portrait of Adriana JacobusdrHinlopen by Lodewijk van der Helst, 1667, The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Photocollage Volker Hermes, 2020, Courtesy of the