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June 3, 2024

SAVE THE DATE: 21 June 2024 ANTANANARIVO Solidarity ICOM Costume project ‘Objets de mémoire’ Workshop

ANTANANARIVO Solidarity ICOM Costume project ‘Objets de mémoire’ , Workshop co-organized in partnership with ICOM Madagascar.

21 June 2024 (1 PM-5 PM Paris Time) with English translation will be opened for registration.

Local participants from 4 museums in Madagascar will be presenting one object in focus from their collection: Le Musée ORMada (Office du Rova de Madagascar ex Musée du Palais de la Reine) Antananarivo (robe royale); Le Musée de la Cathédrale d’Andohalo Antananarivo (tenue liturgique) ; Le Musée de la Gendarmerie Nationale Moramanga (tenue d’honneur pour peloton motard) ; Le Musée de l’Académie Militaire AKAMIA Antsirabe (tenue d’apparat d’officier militaire).

Online presentations from dress and textile experts Chris Paulocik (Costume Institute MET, New York); Anne Labourdette (Musée du Louvre, Paris); Bernard Berthod (Musée de Fourvière, Lyon); Fabien Leclerc (Musée international des Hussards, Tarbes).

Please register HERE before 14 June 2024.

Programme will be released with registration booking. If you want to check the program first, you can do it HERE

Images@Courtesy Kerry Taylor Auction London