The ICOM Costume Committee offers different services:


You have questions about:

How to become a museum specialist for costume and textiles?

Where you can find jobs, experiences or trainings?

Which museums in the world have or exhibit costume and textile related collections?

You are welcome to write us and we will arrange a contact to a specialist for your individual question. Please use the contact form.


The ICOM Costume Committee offers on its website a multiplicity of services as well as news and information about dress and textile related exhibitions, events and publications.

You want to publish your news on the Costume Committee website or have a question concerning the website and its content?
Please fill out the contact form and write to our web editor Meike Bianchi-Königstein.


The ICOM Costume Newsletter is published twice a year and includes information on exhibitions, events and book reviews as well as other costume and committee related information.

If you have contributions to the Newsletter, please fill out the contact form or send an e-mail directly to Corinne Thépaut-Cabasset

The newsletter is send to our members and published on the ICOM Costume Committee website.

Of course you can use both – website and newsletter – for publishing your news and information.

For this please fill out the contact form and let us know, if you want to publish your news and information in the newsletter, the website or both.

Note: Please add a note, if you have pictures to be published.