ICOM Costume Paper Sessions Preliminary Programme Prague 2022

Paper sessions preliminary programme for ICOM Costume Annual Meeting in Prague 2022

THE RITUAL POWER OF CLOTHING Part I: ‘The Clothes of Rites de Passage’

PRAGUE CONGRESS CENTRE 22 August 2022, 16h00-17h30 

Nagmeldeen Hamza (Egypt), The Funerary and Ritual practice using Textiles from Tutankhamun Tomb’

Sara Kariman (Iran), ‘”Korteh” is a ritual dress, the inspiration of urban clothes’

Jasna Polickova (Slovakia), ‘Rites of Passage – Wedding Headgear’

Efrat Assaf-Shapira (Israel), ‘Dressed for Eternity: Traditional and Contemporary Burial Shrouds’ 

Ildiko Simonovics (Hungary), From Maiden to Wife Wedding as rite of passage and their distinctive accessories in Hungarian costume’

Amina Melikova (Azerbaijan), ‘Gurama (patchwork), Azerbaijan Folk Applied Art’ 


ICOM COSTUME, GLASS, ICDAD JOINT PAPER SESSION ‘The Power of Collections and Collecting’ 

PRAGUE CONGRESS CENTRE 23 August 2022, 14h30-16h00 

Georgina Ripley (UK), ‘The Body of Beautiful: Addressing Cultural Diversity in Museum Fashion Collections’ 

Maria Wronska-Friend (Australia), ‘From Czechia to New Guinea: Ceramic replicas of indigenous ornaments in the Glass and Jewellery Museum in Jablonec nad Nisou’

Kate Irvin (USA), ‘Inherent Vice: Deterioration as a catalyst for Creative Collaboration’ 


ICOM COSTUME THE RITUAL POWER OF CLOTHING Part II: ‘Rituals Practices and Traditional Patterns’

PRAGUE CONGRESS CENTRE 23 August 2022, 16h30-18h00 

Aki Yamakawa (Japan), ‘The Role of Buddhist Surplices (Kasaya/Kesa) in Rituals: with Focus on the Suiriku Rite’ 

Anne Labourdette (France), ‘Restoring the officer mantles from the Order of the Holy Spirit’ 

Sara Paci Piccolo (Italy), ‘”Casula vero significare debet opera” –Metaphors, allegories, and the mystical significance of liturgical garments in the accounts of the Fathers of the Church’ 

Reguina Parra Vorobiova (Colombia), ‘The power of Colombian Ethnic Communities through the costume’ 

Alexandra Palmer (Canada), ‘A Hungarian Canadian Gentleman’s Wardrobe’ 

Virginia Spadaccini (Italy), ‘Women of Fashion Museums. Stories of enlightened women, art historians, collectors, and editors who have brought fashion into museums’ 


THE RITUAL POWER OF CLOTHING Part III: ‘The Impact of Rites in Clothing and Adornment’ 

MUSEUM OF APPLIED ARTS PRAGUE 25 August 2022, 14h00-15h30 

Patricia Reymond (Switzerland), ‘Kiss and Cry: the Power of Costumes in Top-Notch Artistic Sport Competitions’ 

Cristina Vignone (USA), ‘Talismanic Gems: Their Sentiments and Superstitions Astrological Jewellery in Nineteenth-Century America’ 

Joanna Wasilewska (Poland), Wearing Culture, Presenting Self’ 

Alessio Francesco Palmieri-Marinoni (Italy), ‘”tradimus vobis Pallium”: Investiture and the Passage of Costumes and Textiles in the Palio di Legnano Ceremonies’ 

Anne Bissonnette (Canada), ‘The Teatime Ritual and the Role of Dress: Victorian Tea Gowns 1878-1901’ 

Joanna Regina Kowalska (Poland), ‘Liturgical vestments form the church of the Resurrectionists in Lviv (1930s) as a manifestation of the new Christian spirituality’ 


THE RITUAL POWER OF CLOTHING  Part IV: ‘Making, Collecting, Wearing, Displaying the Clothes of Rituals’

MUSEUM OF APPLIED ARTS PRAGUE 25 August 2022, 15h30-17h00 

Draginja Maskareli (Serbia), ‘Fashion World of the Kalef Family’ 

Katarina Babcakova (Slovakia), ‘Green, red and gold; apple, spiral and sun. Symbolism in the ceremonial clothing of the rural community of north eastern Slovakia: archaic relics and their transformations in terms of changing the ritual potential’ 

Stefan Zaric (Serbia), ‘Rituals of Resilience: Ukrainian Folk Costumes from Kula, Serbia’ 

Milan Janco (Czech), ‘The Robe of Solomon Molcho: its history, restoration, and current presentation’ 

Jaana Kataja (Finland), ‘From a crowned bride to a married woman’ 



French Cultural Institute Prague 25 August 2022, 18h00-20h00 

Maria-Cristina Volpi (Brazil), ICOM Costume project Memories 

Corinne Thépaut-Cabasset (France), François Boucher and the birth of the international committee Costume 

Georgina Ripley (UK), ICOM Costume 60th Anniversary Award